Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Classes, classes, classes

Our Spring Class Schedule has now been posted on the website. Lots of new classes!

Patti's newest class, The Dolman Crocheted Jacket, is now on display at the shop. Patti chose burgundy and pink for her jacket and it looks stunning. This is an advanced beginner jacket.

The class is scheduled to start on April 4th. We're making this lovely jacket in Berroco's Comfort so the materials cost, even for the 12 skeins needed in the largest size (3X), will be quite reasonable.

In addition to this crocheted jacket, we have several knit sweaters we're teaching this season.

First, the Sample Stitch Sweater is a beginner project. We almost called this "My First Sweater" because it truly is new knitter friendly. All you need to know is how to knit and purl.

We'll be teaching picking up stitches, increasing by Kfb, and seaming. This class has been quite popular and we already have several sweaters almost completed!

We're also making this sweater in Berroco's Comfort. Ten skeins are all that are needed for the largest size sweater so this project, too, is one which is reasonably priced.

For the intermediate knitter, we are offering the Lace Cabled Pullover. This is a beautiful sweater made in a cotton blend yarn, perfect for our warm shoulder seasons.

If you've ever wanted to learn lace stitches, but didn't want to commit to a large project with fine yarn, this sweater will whet your appetite. In addition to the lace stitches, we'll also be teaching cables, and seaming.

For those of you who, like me, prefer a little more length to those sleeves, I have modified the pattern to suit your needs. If you decide to make this simple modification, it will require an extra skein of yarn.

Worked in Plymouth's Jeannee, the XXL size (51" finished bust) uses only 10 skeins of yarn, making the cost under $40 for the largest size sweater.

We're also teaching Beginner Knits, Beginner Crochet, Shuttle Tatting 101, and Patti's Crocheted Stole, among others!

Check the shop's website http://www.thebusyneedleonline.com/ and click on the button at the left marked "classes" for more details, class fees, materials fees, dates & times, etc.